Double-Sided Durable Scratch Board With Free Catnip

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Material: Corrugated Paper

Weight: Straight: 360g / S-Shape: 310g / W-Shape: 310g / Catnip:10g/pack 310g/310g

Sizes Available: Straight: 44*23*4cm / S-Shape: 43*20*6.5cm / W-Shape: 44.5*21*6cm


♥ Multi-purpose---it is perfect for grinding claw, as a sleeping bed, and as a scratching toy

♥ High-quality---durable, not easily deformed

♥ Safety for pet---cat favors corrugated paper material, durable but will not hurt the skin of pet.

♥ Cat favors catnip snack---free catnip; take a little catmint on the surface of the toy to make it more interesting.